How to Plan Abu Dhabi Tour

A unique blend of modern culture and great heritage attracts tourists to go on a tour in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates next to Dubai. Apart from being financially and economically rich, the city is big on tourism. As there is a growing number of travel companies, first thing you need to remember when planning your travel is to choose the best and the most affordable one that will still get you the best of the city tour. I recommend checking the Dubai desert safari deals in order to plan your tour ahead of time. Abu Dhabi offers top sights like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace. It is indeed an exciting city to travel to.

What to Expect in Abu Dhabi

There are many attractions that Abu Dhabi offers. Maybe you have already heard about the Abu Dhabi bus tour facility. It is designed to let you enjoy all the best attractions of the city one stop at a time. There are plenty of travel companies that offers complete package for a great Abu Dhabi tour. You can visit Abu Dhabi city tour for an affordable deal to this most expensive and luxurious city. The city is proud of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque that can house 40,000 worshipers. You will learn the rich cultural heritage of the city while on tour. Just like the mosque I mentioned which is made of artistry and Islamic architecture for 20 years. It is a picturesque landmark of the city that represents the place and the people. On the other hand, a more family oriented place to visit with activities for adults and kids is the Emirates Park Zoo. The children can experience feeding animals.  Also, you may check out the highest floor of the Etihad Towers Hotel and appreciate the view of the city and the Middle East as far as your eye can see. This hotel is in Jumeirah. Make sure to bring cameras to capture every moment while on tour.  If you get the best Abu Dhabi City tours deals, you will enjoy other attractions in the city and not just the major ones. You can visit the Abu Dhabi market and Marina mall. I am sure you have also heard about the famous Ferrari world theme park.

Many travelers are attracted to visit this city because of the unique activities and the majestic view complete with rich culture and heritage that we can pass along to our friends and relatives that in the future they may want to visit the city too. The city is perfect for travelers wanting to explore different places but also to make memories. Others also do travel for business purposes and end up falling in love with the city that they come back for pleasurable travel instead. A perfect travel package like Abu Dhabi city tour can make this happen for you.