UAE is a famous and alluring destination which can definitely make you have a  great hangouts with your friends and family visiting the malls, burj khalifa, water theme parks, malls for shopping, high class restaurants for dining, outdoor activities like jet skiing, ice skating, scuba diving, water surfing and lot more. This is a spectacular destination where you can have great entertainments and make your each day special and memorable to cherish. There are many wonderful spots which you can enjoy at UAE. The natural beautiful also lies in this enchanting destination still.

Nature rich spots:

Apart from hostel and busy city life wonders if you want to spend your time visiting some secret gems at UAE make sure you visit below places:

  • Hajar Mountains at UAE was one of the spectacular spot where you can enjoy the beautiful Mountain View. You can enjoy watching birds and spend your time here in an amazing way enjoying the village beauty you can find here. This is a great spot where you can enjoy the nature beauty. There are many valleys you can see in the midst of mountains which make the view of the hilltops a great scenic view all around. This amazing destination is also a good spot for trekking lovers to enjoy trekking through it and enjoying the birds. This is fun time for you to enjoy with your family and spend your days enjoying the natural beauty. The mountains roads are also twisted and it’s very fun to drive through these mountain areas watching the Rocky Mountains beauty.
  • Old dubai which is known as Bastakia is an amazing view of old dubai with the great Arabian style of buildings and constructions. This is an old dubai segment where you can see the mosques, houses, museums and dubai city walls. The museums here are amazing to watch that you can come across the traditional dubai life style. If you love traditional styles and cultures, visit this old piece of dubai area which you will be really surprised with!
  • Beaches are the natural stunning spots at UAE. There are lots of beaches like jumeirah, saadyat, kites beach and etc are some of the famous ones. The beaches are lovely where you can relax, walk and enjoy your leisure time in a peaceful way. This would be a perfect spot to enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Desert are the great destination which is must visit recommended for everyone who are visiting UAE for the first time. This is a natural beauty filled spot where you can enjoy with your friends and relatives spending beautiful time in the desert enjoying camel’s rides and safaris. There are great scenic views in the desert and you can have wonderful photo sessions too. This is such photogenic spot that you would definitely love to be here. Desert safari dubai would be really outstanding to enjoy and you can get more detail about desert safari dubai here to make your trip a best one.