How to Plan Abu Dhabi Tour

A unique blend of modern culture and great heritage attracts tourists to go on a tour in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates next to Dubai. Apart from being financially and economically rich, the city is big on tourism. As there is a growing number of travel companies, first thing you need to remember when planning your travel is to choose the best and the most affordable one that will still get you the best of the city tour. I recommend checking the Dubai desert safari deals in order to plan your tour ahead of time. Abu Dhabi offers top sights like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace. It is indeed an exciting city to travel to.

What to Expect in Abu Dhabi

There are many attractions that Abu Dhabi offers. Maybe you have already heard about the Abu Dhabi bus tour facility. It is designed to let you enjoy all the best attractions of the city one stop at a time. There are plenty of travel companies that offers complete package for a great Abu Dhabi tour. You can visit Abu Dhabi city tour for an affordable deal to this most expensive and luxurious city. The city is proud of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque that can house 40,000 worshipers. You will learn the rich cultural heritage of the city while on tour. Just like the mosque I mentioned which is made of artistry and Islamic architecture for 20 years. It is a picturesque landmark of the city that represents the place and the people. On the other hand, a more family oriented place to visit with activities for adults and kids is the Emirates Park Zoo. The children can experience feeding animals.  Also, you may check out the highest floor of the Etihad Towers Hotel and appreciate the view of the city and the Middle East as far as your eye can see. This hotel is in Jumeirah. Make sure to bring cameras to capture every moment while on tour.  If you get the best Abu Dhabi City tours deals, you will enjoy other attractions in the city and not just the major ones. You can visit the Abu Dhabi market and Marina mall. I am sure you have also heard about the famous Ferrari world theme park.

Many travelers are attracted to visit this city because of the unique activities and the majestic view complete with rich culture and heritage that we can pass along to our friends and relatives that in the future they may want to visit the city too. The city is perfect for travelers wanting to explore different places but also to make memories. Others also do travel for business purposes and end up falling in love with the city that they come back for pleasurable travel instead. A perfect travel package like Abu Dhabi city tour can make this happen for you.


Apart from your daily office works and busy life, it is better to plan up some exciting trips with your families or friends to get a relief. This can let your mind relaxed and keep you happy. Journey is a beautiful thing which can obviously take you into a world of relaxation, fun, happiness and stress free. Choose a place you want to explore and start your journey this vacation. Let your children also get relaxed from their hectic schedules of studies. Taking trip to a place can let you see the best sights and spots of the place that you never been before, You can get acquainted with different kinds of people and know about their culture, you can be the part of many activities that are taking place in that particular place which may be new to you and can have unique experience also, You can also taste out some best foods that are of special there. All these are some of the best experiences you can have from a trip and therefore make trips and explore varieties.

Attractions at UAE

How a trip is depends on the place you choose! Whenever you make out plans be sure you choose up a good spot which can make your vacation best as you desire. There are many best tourist spots are in the world for you to explore on! UAE is one of the big tourist spot you can have to spend your vacation in an amazing and most memorable way. There are many wonders you can find at UAE like beaches, water parks, shopping malls, beautiful mosques, stunning burj khalifa, desert safari, zoo, museum, desert safari, aquarium, parks, resorts and more. There are many attractions and sightseeing spots are at Dubai which you give you lots of fun. Check out  if you are really looking to make your evenings at Dubai splendid. Taking desert safari Dubai would be a best option for you to enjoy the sunset barbecue with dance programs and spend your day at desert with great fun and rides. Morning desert safari dubai is also a great choice for the ones who loves to explore desert at morning. Make your desert safari at morning a wonderful one by choosing.

If you are a beach lover, make sure you visit jumerah beach at Dubai where you can relax, swim and enjoy. The Burj Al Arab hotel is a best attraction that you can see in this beach. It is a tallest 7 start hotel in the world. You can get the best view from the hotel as it is situated in the beach. Another great tourist attraction spot is the Dubai museum at Al fahidi fort where you can find some traditional aspects like antiquities and you can see the traditional looks.

There are many activities that you can be part of at Dubai, if you want to have some exiting experience in skiing then definitely visit  Dubai where you and your family can enjoy with snow having most fun. Taking helicopter rides at Dubai can let you give the best view of Dubai’s major attractions including burj khalifa and some of the great islands. This would be a great experience for you to see Dubai and its beauty from the helicopter, get here the best desert safari & Dubai tour deals.

Best Electronics Stores in Dubai

Dubai, besides being a popular tourist’s destination, is also a shopping hub. Shopping in Dubai is a must simply because the place has so much to offer. In the shopping world of Great Dubai, one may find anything. Dubai offers a marvelous assortment of superior quality electronics at low prices and enormous discounts. Different electronic shops can be found having top quality electronics across the gigantic malls and in the streets.

Electronic Shops in Dubai

Dubai has progressed at a rapid pace from the land of sandbanks to a city of wonders. Every year around 4 million tourists from the around the world visit Dubai for different purposes. However, the majority of them come to shop for electronics. Being a tax free state due to its open port policy, Dubai is becoming famous for electronic shopping. Here we will discuss best electronic shops that are highly recommended by locals and the tourists.

Emax Electronics

“Emax Electronics” is one of the largest chains of electronic stores across the UAE with over 37 stores. Emax has probably the largest variety of electronics in Dubai comprising of 100,000 products from more than 200 international electronic brands systematized in 20 categories. All the electronics from the renowned brands from around the world are available under one roof. You can choose from an extensive variety of video, audio, IT, mobiles, appliances, cameras, e-accessories, gaming, fitness items, DIY, home solutions, gifting, computers, laptops, washing machines, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics and general electronic items for personal or commercial use and so much more.


Although, GoSmart is a new store in Dubai but it offers unique and innovative products of national and international brands. All the innovative electronic gadgets and products can be found in GoSmart at very reasonable prices. Besides just electronics, smart devices can also be found in this store. This store is located in Dubai Mall and the timings are from 10 am to 10 pm.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics need no introduction. It has become a must for every household to have at least one electronic item from Samsung. This store is located in Dubai Mall and opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm.

These are top 3 best electronic stores in Dubai offering the best range of electronics at very reasonable prices. If you are looking to buy some cool electronics for your home, visit any of these stores to get the best deals.

Cummins Generator Specifications – Know Before You Buy

In a country like Pakistan, where energy crises are at its peak, finding a solution to cope with this situation is important. Some people opt to solar energy while others choose UPSs and invertors. However, where solar energy is expensive, UPSs and invertors have failed miserably due to the energy crises. In this situation, diesel generators prove to be a better option. Diesel generators provide better energy solutions. There are different brands offering diesel generators and one of the leading brands is Cummins Generators.

Cummins Generator uses the engines produced by Perkins Generators; another top brand in this industry. These generators have been serving in different sectors like banking, industries, government sector, military, education etc. Before you buy, it is important to know all about Cummins Generator specifications. Some of the best features of Cummins Generators are listed below:

  • High Quality – Cummins is a name of quality. These generators are made with the best available materials to ensure proper functioning and increased output.
  • Higher Power Output Range – Cummins generators are made with engines having more numbers of cylinders. These cylinders generate higher power output range.
  • Increased Life – The life of Cummins generators is more than other brands. If proper maintenance and overhauling is performed regularly, these generators will provide with immense benefits.

Besides these features, some of the specifications that you should look for are:

  • Fuel Type: In generators, there are usually three types i.e. Diesel, Gasoline and Propane. The best however, is the Diesel Generator.
  • Portability: Some generators are portable while others are permanent. You should choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Phase: Cummins Generators are available in three phase power and single phase power.
  • Applications: While choosing a generator, you should choose one which perfectly fits your requirements.

These are some of the Cummins generators specifications you should seek out for. If you are looking to buy Cummins generators in Pakistan, you should consult Generator Express. They are offering all the models of Cummins Generators in very affordable prices. If you want to visit their website, click here. You can also get a free quote and get the answers to all your queries if you have. Cummins Generators are ideal for your business and can play a vital role in taking your business to new heights.